Don’t be afraid to ask dumb questions.

They’re more easily handled than dumb mistakes.

What is a charity road trip ‘Banger Rally?’

Ahh, a good place to start the Q & A page with! A Banger Rally is a great opportunity to tour Europe’s best roads and sights with friends with the emphasis firmly on fun coupled with an experience you will never forget! In this section, you can find useful information if you’ve never participated in Banger Rally before. 

How much do I have to spend on my banger?

No more than £500 is the simple answer, but what you do/spend to ‘pimp’ your banger to match the far-fetched theme you came up with in the pup the night before is entirely up to you. It can be as simple as a few stickers or it may involve sawing, welding and gluing to name but a few to achieve the dream you envisaged!

Where can I get my prize winning banger for under £500?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the amount of cars for sale within your meagre budget! eBay is a great place to start but also try your local paper or the Autotrader. A good tip is to try and buy your bargain with an MOT that runs past the rally date as this could save you money as well as a few prayers. Once you get your dream banger you are almost ready for your banger rally adventure.

How much will the trip cost me?

The two biggest factors will be fuel & accommodation and both of these depend entirely on you. For example a 1litre cc banger will be more fuel efficient than a 3litre cc. You can expect to fill up 4/5 times during the trip so you can guesstimate from there. Hotels can be anywhere from £25-£60pp per night whilst camping can be less than £10pp per night. Your only other expense will be food, so budget wisely!

How much is the entrance fee?

£300 per car (2 people) and £50 for every extra person.

What If my trusted banger breaks down?

This is quite possibly the first question on your list but fear not, yes on occasions some bangers have had the odd ‘hiccup’ along the way and we would be stretching the truth if we didn’t say that rarely with a terminal illness! However, you will find plenty of support from your fellow Rex’ers but if you’re really concerned then you can obtain European breakdown cover from the AA or RAC.

Are there any Exceptions?

The simple answer to this is just ask us! If you have managed to get your hands on a fire engine for example which has slightly pushed you over the £500 limit then of course we understand. Our aim is to provide you with a road trip you’ll never forget and want to return on again & again so there are always exceptions to every (well most) rules.

Do I need to take anything else?

Just a few little things – Insurance, MOT, warning triangle, luminous jackets, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, portable breathalyser and of course a driving license.

Who will insure me?

A couple of good insurance companies we have used in the past are:  &

If you have full comprehensive cover on your current vehicle, you could ask your provider if they could help too.

Do we have to have a minimum number of drivers?

Unfortunately yes 2 and for a couple of very good reasons. The routes we will be taking can be very tiring for 1 person and you’ll both want to appreciate the awesome views and challenging drives you’ll encounter. Also, for safety reasons, should your trusty banger fail you at any stage you won’t be stranded alone until the cavalry arrives.

Sat Nav or map?

Both! There will be times when you’re winding through the mountains without a care in the world when your sat nav signal will suddenly disappear. This is when you will have to pretend you’re back in the 80’s and actually try to read a map.

Are there any ‘no-no’s’ when it comes to car themes?

Just the usual ones that cause offense to all walks of life – no politics or religion and we would recommend swear words in 2 foot high letters down the sides of your cars be avoided too as some countries Bobbies have even less sense of humour than ours…..

Can I only enter if I’m from the UK?

Not at all, whichever country you’re from you’re more than welcome to join us. Just be aware that our knowledge of any other language is non-existent.

Can I be kicked off the rally?

Yup. We won’t tolerate folks abusing or disrespecting fellow Rex’ers or indeed members of the public during the course of the rally. This also includes enforcing your own design ideas or modifications on other rally vehicles! It all boils down to respect at the end of the day.

Where am I going to stay?

Every night venue will have plenty of hotel availability along with some camping and these details will be provided to you well in advance in your rally packs so you can book beforehand if necessary.

How much deposit do I have to pay and when is the balance due?

£100 (per car) with the balance due 8 weeks before the big off.

Is there a refund policy?

Your £100 deposit will be refunded if you cancel within 7 days. Anything after this depends on whether we fill your space and an admin fee will be deducted .

Any rules I should know about?

Just respect your fellow Rex’ers, we’ll let you know of any new rules we make up along the way!

What do I do with my banger at the end?

Some Rex’ers chose to drive their beloved creations back to Ol’ Blighty at the end while some chose to endure a tearful goodbye (or good riddance) to their faithful friend. We will always endure to make sure there are some scrappys around at the end to relieve you of your burden.

If you have any other questions about the Banger Rally, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help to explain more!

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