Banger Rally Accommodation..

Once the Venues have been confirmed, Email packs will be sent out with maps (Google link) of each venue with hotel/camping lists.

We don’t book accommodation because we find people have varying budgets and ideas about what would best suit them. We will state in the pack the hotels we have booked for the Rusty Rex team.

(This is why we find night venue’s work so well).

Night Venues..

We believe great night venues are crucial to your rally experience. As such we try to get the best and most friendly bars for you all to relax in. It’s a great way to unwind and hear some of your day’s antics and share your best banger rally challenge moments.

This is also where the banger rally prize, winners will be announced along with their current overall rally position.

Buying A Car..

When do I buy my car? Well you can get it as soon as you sign up. This  will give you time to run it around a bit. This is a good idea as although it may not be rusty, it could still benefit with being ‘tested’. It’s always good to try and buy one in daily use. However it may not be the best idea to tell them you are going to wreck it!


Why do it for charity? Well doing your banger rally challenge for charity is a good way to help others.  Most charities do some really good work. It doesn’t take long to set up a page and are some easy and good sites out there like  Justgiving  and Virgin-Giving.

It also works as a plus for you, as in our experience trades

men (and women) will often offer to help and shops/business’ can be generous in the knowledge you’re helping a worthwhile cause. This can be really useful when fixing and customising your Rusty Wreck.

just givingvirgin money giving


As most of you will know you can drive on the continent with most GB insurance but it’s best to check it out in advance. There are some specialist insurance brokers out there that can help. We have always used HIC as they have always been relatively inexpensive. Herts Banger Rally Insurance. quote-image