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How did it Start.

Rusty Rex Rallies started it’s European road trip back in 2012. After years of participation on such events and feeling under whelmed by one in particular, we realised what makes for a great banger rally adventure. So after careful planning  Rusty Rex Banger Rallies was born.  Our aim is to provide the best European road-trips available.

What’s what.

It’s a fun adventure where each morning brings a fresh challenge, each evening another great venue to unwind in and tell your tales.

European road trip

All you need for your “Rusty Rex Rally” is a friend or two, and a rusty wreck costing less than £500. Oh and a map, sat-nav or a sense of adventure.

Rex’s routes are carefully planed to give you the best European road trip. The drives and sights, coupled with top banter.

We’re here to give the best European road trip with the option to experience some of the most awesome drives in Europe. Join us on the next rusty rally to find out why we have 100% positive feed back.

Banger Rally Challenge.

This European road trip is a challenge in its self but if that’s not enough!

There are daily challenges to help you get the most from our rallies.

(challenges will decide overall rally winner)

The challenges are specially designed to keep you laughing whist mixing with other teams. The Banger Rally Challenge is optional and for fun it’s not a requirement to participate on the rally.

 (Exceptions see Q&A) 

 Why A Rusty Wreck?

The idea is simple, take an old car, decorate it, drive it and then if you haven’t developed an emotional attachment to your rusty wreck scrap it and fly home.

Car’s can be anything you like. You can paint it with gloss or cover it in fur. The only limit is your imagination. The sillier the better, making your car stand out for being as wacky as possible is what it’s about.

Fancy dress is popular and an excellent laugh.

“Seeing the Ghostbusters pull up outside McDonald’s  and getting out of there hearse in full fancydress isn’t something I’ll forget”.

Who Can Take Part.

Rex's European road trip

Anyone and everyone, it’s for people who want an adventure of a life time.

It’s open to people of all ages and all walks of life.


A “banger rally” is a great charity event, mainly because it’s so unusual. These road trips have raised thousands of pounds so far.

It’s easy too, just see our extra information page


Rusty Rex Rallies…