sign1Thinking of doing a  banger rally in 2016?

First of all, which one?

Well a good place to start is the route; as this is a road trip! To just give a start and end destination with out direction is just lazy. This won’t help bring the rally together, (look to see if there’s an advertised route). This will give you some idea of how interested they are in the road trip. Lack of clear planning and a lazy approach  may be something of a running theme throughout the rally. This could also start to reflect in evening venues, points of interest on route ect.

So what’s planned? Are they booking hotels?

Be careful, will it suit you? Is it going to be close to the evening venue? Is there an evening venue? You don’t want to find yourself paying a 50 euro taxi journey each way just because they got  a deal on the hotel! Ask if you’re going to an advertised town/city is that where you’ll end up, make sure it’s not miles out of town.

What support?

Support should be offered before and during the event. This is only reasonable and normal for all companies, I have seen some rally companies advertise full support on route! If they have to advertise it, it sounds like its a major effort for them (Interestingly this normally runs hand in hand with no set route bunch). What do they offer? Are there teams of chefs, map-readers and pit crews that follow each team on each route?

Rally organisers should be just that and organise a fun and entertaining rally?