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Welcome to Rusty Rex Banger Rallies. These are the most bonkers & madcap 4 day road trips around Europe.

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Banger rally events are excellent as a charity fundraiser or great just for fun. Whether you want to escape “the same old” lads/girls breakaway or just want a more active holiday.

Take a look at this years rally.

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What’s what.

It’s a fun road-trip with entertaining challenges, a lot of sight seeing and great night venues along a planned route.

The Rusty Rex team plan the best Banger Rallies. We don’t just list a interesting places or as many countries as possible. We take you on an awesome journey to the places we say. banger rally car

All you need is a friend or two, a map or a sense of adventure, oh and a car costing less than about £500.

 (Exceptions see Q&A)

You’ll be given challenges each morning and invited to evening venues to unwind with a beer (or two!)

(Challenges will decide the overall banger rally winner).

Who Can Take Part.banger rally

Anyone and everyone, it’s for people who want an adventure of a life time.

It’s open to people of all ages and all walks of life.


A “banger rally” is a great charity event, mainly because it’s so unusual. These road trips have raised thousands of pounds so far.

It’s easy too, just see our extra information page.

(if you’re going anyway why not).


What’s life without adventure.banger rally sign up

banger rally

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